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The types of glass that are used in replacement windows in Mountain View, CA depend on the needs that a home may have. Some homes have a lot of full-sun exposure and tinted glass is used in replacement windows to deflect the sun’s heat and protect the inside of the home from fading and damage from ultraviolet (UV) waves. Other homes may be located near places where flying objects, such as golf balls or baseballs, are common. Those replacement windows may have safety laminated glass in them to protect the home’s occupants from serious injury if the glass is broken.

Glass is important to the integrity of the window, as well as to the beauty, comfort, security and privacy of the home.

Mirrored glass is decorative glass. Mirror glass is produced by applying a metallic coating on one side of a float glass sheet. The coating is then covered with an extra-protective sealant to keep the glass to create the mirrored effect. While mirrored glass is seldom used in window replacements, it is commonly used for mirrors and in wall art.

Insulated glass windows are designed for energy efficiency. Insulated glass is created by putting multiple panes of tempered or laminated glass together and filling the spaces between the panes with an inert gas. Examples of insulated glass windows are two and three pane windows, which typically have argon filling the spaces between the panes. Insulated glass windows are also treated so that condensation won’t occur in between the panes. Insulated glass window replacements are an excellent choice for homes where the climate is colder than average. They will keep the interior of the home comfortable, while reducing power consumption and energy costs.

Low emissivity (Low-E) glass is also designed for energy efficiency. Low-E is actually a microscopically thin coating applied to the glass that reflects thermal radiation. Low-E glass lets the maximum amount of natural light in while keeping the sun’s infrared rays out. Low-E glass replacement windows are a great option for any home because they provide energy efficient all year long. During the winter, they will direct indoor heat back into the house instead of letting it escape through the windows, while in the summer they will direct heat away from the house, keeping the interior of the house cool. What this means for homeowners is that the home will maintain a consistent comfortable temperature year round while using less energy. This, in turn, will lead to lower heating and cooling costs.

Wire glass is a type of glass that is made to be fire-resistant. It is widely used in hospitals, schools, office buildings, banks, and other public and commercial buildings. A grid of wires is built in the panes of glass so that the glass will stay inside the frame if it shatters because of high heat, which a building fire would cause. It is also designed to handle the high-pressure water from a firehose without shattered out of the frame. Wired glass is seldom used in residential replacement windows, but it is everywhere in educational institutions, medical facilities, and buildings are used for commercial enterprises or that have a lot of public foot traffic.

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